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Pelican version 3.6

Today, I updated pelican to version 3.6 and also added a python 3 subpackage. You can test it in Fedora 22 by using

dnf --enablerepo=updates-testing install python3-pelican

If you're already using pelican,

dnf --enablerepo=updates-testing update python-pelican

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Upgrading from previous release might require a change …

Fedora 22 will contain Django-1.8

One of the new features in upcoming Fedora 22 will be Django-1.8. Django project released its most recent version earlier this month, and it's going to be a long term supported version after Django-1.4 became a bit ancient nowadays. Fedora had release 1.6 in which is now …

Fedora packaging workshop

This part assumes, you already have the tools installed like described in earlier part.

Using a tool to create a spec

As first example, we'll use a tool to create a spec file, download the sources.

cd ~/rpmbuild
pyp2rpm -n bleach > SPECS/python-bleach.spec

What this actually does is …

Fedora packaging workshop

On 17th and 18th this month, we'll have a local Linux conference here. As part of this, I'll give a short introductory workshop on packaging. The following series of posts helps me, to sort things for me and to provide a short reference for others and myself as well.

Prerequisites …

How to use Django-1.5 via parallel installable python-django15

Last week, the package python-django15 was approved. It's a Django package to be installed in parallel to e.g python-django. Once you installed it, you can not use it directly.

For example for python-django-horizon aka. OpenStack Dashboard I'd change the django.wsgi from github to

import logging
import os
import …

Using pelican for serving this blog

For my own blog, I recently deprecated wordpress, in favor of using pelican. The package was recently added to Fedora. It's quite simple and does not require php, mysql, and a memcached running on a webserver.

In the past, the number of attempts to get into this host increased significantly …