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How to use Django-1.5 via parallel installable python-django15

Last week, the package python-django15 was approved. It's a Django package to be installed in parallel to e.g python-django. Once you installed it, you can not use it directly.

For example for python-django-horizon aka. OpenStack Dashboard I'd change the django.wsgi from github to

import logging
import os
import …

A stable and custom theme for Horizon

During the OpenStack Icehouse development cycle, we gained in Horizon the ability to use additional python packages by simply dropping in a file in the openstack_dashboard/enabled dir.

In the rest of the article, I'll propose a method to customize the look and feel, without breaking during package updates. It …

Using pelican for serving this blog

For my own blog, I recently deprecated wordpress, in favor of using pelican. The package was recently added to Fedora. It's quite simple and does not require php, mysql, and a memcached running on a webserver.

In the past, the number of attempts to get into this host increased significantly …

OpenStack Summit Hong Kong

From my very personal view on the past OpenStack summit in Hong Kong, it has been a good and productive summit. Luckily, both of my sessions were accepted:

Separate OpenStack Dashboard and Horizon

The first session was about how to separate Horizon and OpenStack Dashboard. It is very little known …

OpenStack testing session @FLOCK

As you might heard, we at Fedora had FUDCons (Fedora Users and Developers conference), which is now replaced by a conference named Flock. The first one will be held in Charleston, South Carolina between Aug. 9th and 12th. 2013. Coming there is a unique chance this year, to meet many …

How to create a custom theme for Horizon

Based on the idea or proposal of Kieran Spear, I'll document here, what has to be done, if one needs to customize Horizon (for whatever reason).

Let's say, one needs to create a corporate theme, named horizon_bigcorp. Then we first need to change In Fedora and EPEL, that …

Configuring Django to use a MySQL-Server via SSL

Currently, I'm using Django to develop some internally used applications. For one of them, I had to use a SSL connection to access a MySQL database. As development environment, I'm using Fedora 17, of course.

During that process, I ran into two bugs:

  • MySQL 5.5 doesn't export HAVE_OPENSSL anymore …