Testing TripleO on own OpenStack deployment

For some use cases, it's quite useful to test TripleO deployments on a OpenStack powered cloud, rather than using a baremetal system. The following article will show you, how to do it:

We're going to use tripleo-quickstart . This also assumes, you have downloaded your OpenStack openrc.sh handy and stored e.g in your home directory. I've also created another flavor, named tripleo-bm with 12 Gigs memory and 6 vcpus. In doubt, just give it more RAM.

git clone https://github.com/openstack/tripleo-quickstart
git clone https://github.com/openstack/tripleo-quickstart-extras
cp tripleo-quickstart-extras/config/environments/rdcloud.yml tripleo-quickstart/config/environments/mycloud.yml

This copies the configuration for use of RDO-Cloud over, to be ready for own and required customization. You'll need to modify the file tripleo-quickstart/config/environments/mycloud.yml

os_username: "{{ lookup('env','OS_USERNAME') }}"
os_password: "{{ lookup('env','OS_PASSWORD') }}"
os_tenant_name: "{{ lookup('env','OS_TENANT_NAME') }}"
os_auth_url: "{{ lookup('env','OS_AUTH_URL') }}"
os_region_name: "{{ lookup('env', 'OS_REGION_NAME') }}"

cloud_name: rdocloud
    newton: CentOS-7-x86_64-GenericCloud-1711
    ocata: CentOS-7-x86_64-GenericCloud-1711
    master: CentOS-x86_64-GenericCloud-1708

bmc_flavor: m1.small
baremetal_flavor: m1.large
undercloud_flavor: tripleo-bm

undercloud_undercloud_nameservers: "{{ custom_nameserver }}"
external_net: 'ext-net'
overcloud_dns_servers: "{{ custom_nameserver }}"
ntp_server: ''
boot_from_volume: true

overcloud_image_url: http://images.rdoproject.org/{{ release }}/rdo_trunk/{{ dlrn_hash|default(dlrn_hash_tag) }}/overcloud-full.tar
ipa_image_url: http://images.rdoproject.org/{{ release }}/rdo_trunk/{{ dlrn_hash|default(dlrn_hash_tag) }}/ironic-python-agent.tar
docker_registry_host: trunk.registry.rdoproject.org
docker_registry_namespace: "{{ release }}"

mtu: 1350
    - eth0
    - eth1
    - "{% if network_isolation|default(true)|bool %}eth2{% endif %}"

undercloud_local_mtu: "{{ mtu }}"
overcloud_neutron_global_physnet_mtu: "{{ mtu }}"

run_tripleo_validations: False
# containerized_overcloud: False

Besides minor things like DNS or ntp, one probably needs to adjust are flavors: They need to exist in your setup. When in doubt, insert a larger flavor. Also one needs to configure external_net. It should name the external network in your OpenStack environment, like returned by openstack network list --external. The guest images need to exist, at least the one for master. If you don't have an image you can fetch it here. The rest can be kept as it is.

Finally, to get reproducible deployments easier, I created a script deploy.sh to fire up deployments using my customization.

source ~/openrc.sh
export ENVIRONMENT="mycloud"
export CUSTOM_REQUIREMENTS_INSTALL=" ansible-lint"
rm -rf /var/tmp/tripleo_local
bash devmode.sh --no-gate --ovb -d -w /var/tmp/tripleo_local

If something happens, please file bugs